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W5100 ethernet network adapter for Arduino

For those not familiar, Arduino is an open source platform that simplifies prototyping projects. This card below is the w5100 ethernet interface, It works embedded with the model Arduino Uno, among others, and enables the communication module with network computers and the internet.


This Board also features micro SD card input, that can be read by an HTTP Server, for example, running on the Arduino.


The Board works with standard drivers of Arduin, IE, It is not necessary to download external libraries.


Below we have the Ethernet card attached to the Arduino Uno. Is communicating with the network!


Simply run the program DhcpAdressPrinter to the label receive an IP address from your router. Very cool. May have fixed IP also.


Running the sample program WebServer the Arduino creates an HTTP server on the chosen IP address and send to any browser the value of analog inputs. Is not very difficult to modify to receive data or send anything.


You can control remotely loads, access the internet or Arduino send data to any server. The projects are unlimited and considering the low price of plate, about eight dollars, It's worth a lot to buy to test. Let down, the link to the DealExtreme:

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