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Piano music for babies

I'm leveraging to buy toys for babies in China, that is a lot cheaper. This below is a piano kind carpet on which the child, that still crawls, looks and plays.

He has only one eighth, including flats. Although a few keys weren't working very well. It's a great toy for little Beethoven.

Here is the manual, written in clearer Engrish Chinese. Simple: has music keys, of sound and the keys on the piano itself.

There's the piano, It's big and won't fit in the place where I take pictures. There is a rotary volume control at the bottom left of photo.

The piano is quite beautiful and has no full plastic Fort, that is problematic for babies.

There's a button called “MODE” that transforms the piano in a music box. It's nice to trick Granny will find that the grandson plays very!

Here's the full piano:

Requires three AA batteries, and even using rechargeable batteries works normally.

A great product and a good gift for your baby. I leave the link to the product, buying in store Chinabuye.

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