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Nokia Lumia 710 with Windows Phone

Although I have peeled the windows 8, that is sucks, I'm not going to do the same with Windows Phone of Nokia Lumia 710.

The interface, similar to windows 8 to a certain extent, is perfect for mobile phones. The most impressive is the speed: everything opens quickly with no crashes or problems.

All though it is a 1.4 Ghz processor and the simplistic interface also helps. But that's not what everyone wants? An easy-to-use and reliable phone?

The programs more uses you can put the main screen, shown in the second picture. The other programs are in this screen. It seems everything is in memory because the access time to the majority of the programmes is extremely low, blink of an eye.

5 m pixel camera of Nokia is regarded as one of the best of all phones. The Lumia is no different according to users ' review.

It synchronizes with your Xbox Live account and you can save game scores. Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and other famous has version for windows phone.

The configuration system follows the simplistic line. Only text on a white background. All made to be fast.

One of the advantages of windows phone compared to Android's battery usage optimization. Shame that Nokia didn't take this idea and ended up saving too much on battery which is only 1300mAh. Even so I think it's pretty amazing that a cell phone enough to last a day with a battery so small. Let's remember that those Nokia without WiFi or 3 g and mono display 3 inch had 700mAh battery. With this 1300mAh battery duration is practically the same as any other mobile smartphone, about of 1 day of intense use.

The Market is not as extensive as Google Play, but there's a lot of fun. All the traditional games are there.

Even the interface of the camera follows the simplistic system. Only a few buttons without transparency or any other nonsense.

My final assessment of Nokia Lumia 710 is good. If the battery was a little better I think would be perfect, Although the speed of the interface is what draws more attention. Those interested in this phone, is still selling in several shops here in Brazil. I leave the link to the site of the u.s. and for the dealextreme:


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