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Modem router TP-LINK TD-W9980 ADSL N600(1/2+) Vdsl2 Dual Band WiFi

Eternally dissatisfied with the modem that my carrier GVT me provides, I bought this Tp-LINK TD-W9980 in the dark, not knowing if it would work. But it worked!

The TD-W9980 It's a modem ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2 (technology used for the internet up to 15 MB) that also works in VDSL2 (new technology up to 50 MB). As my internet is 35 MB, I realized that the modem used this carrier VDSL technology and bought this modem to greatly improve my connection, My WiFi network and my settings.


It is a Gigabit Ethernet modem router, Dual 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi, Dual USB (with media server and network sharing). In addition to bandwidth control, control of parents and a bunch of super interesting settings.


With the modem comes a CD, I don't use it for anything, a manual, a warranty certificate, an ethernet cable, two cables RJ11 telephone line and a filter. None of this I used, I left all the cables that were already in the original modem carrier, a Chinese with WiFi and no settings or options.


There is the device. A little big, It's not even?


On the back we have the four Gigabit Ethernet connections (one of them is WAN/LAN if you want to use this modem as a router only), two USBs (I use one for the printer, and one for my external HD), an entry for ADSL/VDSL (phone line) and connectors for three antennas.




In addition, It also has a button for WDS, a on-off button for WiFi, the power switch and the power input.


See the detail of the WAN/LAN input:


Also comes with the antennas and with a.


There's the modem already connected. The leds indicate, from left to right: button, ADSL/VDSL, Internet, WiFi 2.4 GHz, WiFi 5 GHz, USB and four computers indicating the Ethernet.


There's the modem already connected everything and already connected to the internet. Was ”almost ” Plug and play: some settings are required…


There's the modem login screen:


As soon as I connected to the phone line for the first time the modem synchronized the VDSL in approximately 38Mbits, more or less how the operator GVT delivers raw band to give the 35Mbits that I paid.


If you do not know which technology, can change in DSL Settings to Auto Sync-up.


The only reason it didn't work first was the fact of having to configure the network for internet login. The user is “@ turbonet turbonet” and the password is “GVT25”, without the quotes. This username and password has not been problem, as it is known on the internet, the problem was setting VLAN ID that needs to be with the value “600”. I just discovered that searching the internet a lot and totally by accident. The VCI and VPI values that formerly used in ADSL is not good for anything else in VDSL.

If curl to understand this setting, take a look at the video I made explaining that:


There's the login Setup screen of the GVT (PPPoE):


The WiFi network of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz can be configured individually, even with different names.


Here is my DNS scheme to watch NetFlix on other regions (USA and UK). I paid a DNS service to do this and set it to DHCP Settings. On the modem carrier has no way to do this.


You can choose to use the WiFi from 2.4 GHz or the 5 GHz, or both.


If you put an external HD on one of the USBs, This router recognizes and creates a network share (SMB). This sharing is very fast and allows you to share files with anyone on the network, even if the PC is off, Since the router is in charge of transferring the files. Here a detail, my 3 TB HD worked normally but indicates a negative capability! Someone used “longint” instead of “Double” where I shouldn't!


You can also create a DLNA media player to watch your videos anywhere on your network. Works, but I still prefer access via share because in this case there is more media options.


See just how does the DLNA media server. You indicate the directory where are the videos, and the router itself searches and indexes. Can be a directory containing other directories. Worked in VLC and Windows Media Player.


Here on this screen we can see the router reading the external HD looking for videos to share.


There is also a print server. Just put a printer into the USB port and use an external program to access the printer via network.


You can find more information about this modem on support page of the TP-LINK.


There you can download the print server and also the new firmware. In my case, you've been updated.


It seems to install dd-wrt on this modem, but I didn't think I had to. It worked perfectly. Tested also forward and blocks, giving everything right as it should. Is a great and really improved my modem connection, My WiFi and overall network speed here at home. Too bad it's still a bit expensive. I leave below link to Ebay and Google Shopping:

EBay – http://lista.mercadolivre.com.br/td-w9980

Google Shopping – HTTPS://www.google.com.br/search?q = w9980&q = w9980&AQS = chrome.. 69i57j69i61l2j69i65j69i60j69i 59.1247 j0j4&SourceID = chrome&IE = UTF-8 # q = w9980&safe = off&TBM = shop

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  1. Nice review of the device! Also use GVT and am very unhappy with the equipment that they provide. Constant problems with their device's DHCP, the lease time of addresses reserved never get to zero. I'm with the address pool filled in and now I'm forced to set static ip on new devices on the network, “show de bola”!
    A doubt, I own along with part of their telephony, This cable also stuck on mediocre modem that provide. The fact that tp-link have only 1 RJ11 will not affect correct? Just plug the phones into the filter as it used to do in Oi's adsl?

    • Adriano Moutinho

      Yes, just plug the filter in wall (comes a TPLINK modem filter) and he will have two outputs, one for the cable modem and one for the regular phone. Should work all…

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