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Magnetic experiments Kit for children

Need magnets to experiences of magnetism? How about this cheap kit for children?

Comes with some magnets and some instructions. Too bad it is all in Chinese.

Inside the Kit we have two oval-shaped magnets, two disk format, a horseshoe type and a rectangle. All have North and South demarcated, less the oval. There is also a fish and a spool of thread.

Detail disk magnets, the reel with line and rectangle magnet.

Detail of the goldfish, they will be magnetically fish, and Horseshoe-shaped magnet.

Too bad the discs came with the painting failed.

The magnets are not very strong, but you can show the North, the South and the force of attraction or repulsion.

The oval-shaped magnets are strong, seem to be of neodymium.

A great kit to explain some magnetism to children and even some adults! I leave the link to the DealExtreme, where the product was purchased, In addition to a link to other interesting magnetic toys:

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