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ChillFactor scratch cards scratch off mix

I bought this glass ChillFactor in American stores here in Brazil even. Didn't work very well. But that wasn't so bad considering that the idea was really hard: do Smoothie straight in the Cup.


Comes with a glass, a manual and a spoon.


There is the Cup with lid.


Check the manual! The instructions are: put the glass in the freezer, put the liquid (a juice), tighten the Cup and is ready…


The harvest comes in a straw.


The glass has an internal plastic that freezes. This is the principle of operation.


Detail of the inner part that freezes.


Look at the video I recorded:

Didn't work very well. Was a little watery, but considering that the idea was really hard, do Smoothie in a frozen glass, This isn't so bad. For only 50 real until the test. I leave below the link to the glass:

HTTPS:// = chillfactor shaving mix

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