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Cart box Bounce SJ88 Car with two wheels (WITH VIDEO)

This remote control cart called SJ88 Bounce Car It is very interesting, able to walk and jump.


It comes with a remote control that looks like an iPhone.


The box comes with the robot, the control, a cable to recharge, Manual and spare parts.


Below is the control with 12 functions. Two of them (front to back) analog.


Below the cable to recharge and the two little pieces for replacement.


And there's the robot, with two large wheels.


The robot can rotate on its own axis and is unlike, as shown in the picture below:


The robot connects the button at the top of the robot.


Connected, the Green leds give an impression very nice.


The leap system is formed by this set of spring and retractor.


When you press a control button the system retracts to push the robot in a jump.


The wheels are bigger than the robot to make him jump and pass any obstacle.


See the video I made about the functioning of the robot:

The robot is pretty cool and so far, with more than a week of use, still not broken. Even with a lot of falls and leaps. Worth it for the price and for the fun. I leave the link to the product purchased on Gearbest:

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