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Cover with keyboard and Trackpad to Pipo W3F tablet (WITH VIDEO)

I bought the Pipo Tablet Windows and Android W3F dualboot and recently, and I was intrigued with the possibility of buying a cover with keyboard that fits on your tablet, without the need to use a usb or bluetooth.

This is the cover for the tablet review Pipo W3F. Here in the review of tablet Pipo W3F.


The cover is a velvety and soft material.


Pipo says, but I'm not sure if it is the original brand.


When you open the cover got surprise to realize that this is a full keyboard, very similar to a notebook, with trackpad (mouse) and all!


This photo below really cheats. Looks like a notebook!


The keyboard is of reasonable quality. The keys give a lot, but overall I liked it very much.


The system for the keyboard work and adapt to Pipo W3F is simple, are these connectors. There are also strong magnets that hold the tablet in the position.


Then simply bring the tablet the cover and she attracts. Is tight and it works very well.


See how's the tablet plugged in to cover.


Looks like a notebook, But if you pull the screen, that disconnects easily, We have a tablet!


Closed, the cover doesn't get much thicker that the tablet. I think it's perfect to replace a notebook.


I recorded a video to show you how it works the cover. Check it out:

Really liked it. It was enough to change the keyboard layout to US-to acknowledge international accent. Worked great. I leave below link to the product:

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