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Colored-coded lock

I bought three locks with a promotion code. In the picture has only two, because I lost and I can not find!

Each comes with a very badly written manual, but entirely possible to understand.

The default code is Zero-Zero-Zero, but it can be changed easily. For that you must insert a small screwdriver (or a clip) the button at the bottom when the lock is open. So you can change the numbers and put new code.

The lock is not very strong, but it's certainly more than enough to cause a disorder in the wise guys who wish to open your suitcase.

Very good product! Too bad you can't choose the color and so I ended up getting a blue, one green and one pink. I leave below the link to the store BuyinCoins. Enjoy and look for locks on AllChinese tool in all the Chinese shops at the same time!

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  1. Robson Iecker

    I have a doubt to take with you. I'm with a lot of… very same desire to buy a Smartphone from china more precisely an iNew V3 that thought it was beautiful. But I'm afraid of tribute by the IRS know that the chance is high but do you have any tips to give me. I really enjoyed your site alias.

    • Watch out for this phone. INew brand does not seem to be very reliable. Anyway remember that taxes can be up to 60% the value of the product. If it is more than that, can be ordered revision of value. Usually pay around 100 to 200 real in cell phones.

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