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Development toys for stacking

Very early in the life of a baby he needs toys to stimulate learning, experimentation and mechanical capacity. This is a great toy for that: Stackable containers.

You can stack all the pots or fit some inside the other. Babies love!

There is also a bear at the top of the stacking. Cute and well done. Babies can bite the pots without problems, are suitable for babies from 6 months.

There are all containers. Each has a number and a letter so they can be stacked more easily.

At the top there are markings that can be read by visually impaired people. Five dots at the top indicate the container number 5 and the letter E.

The head of the bear goes on top of the pot number 1 (or the).

All the pots can be embedded one within the other. Except for the largest. I don't understand why!

The possibilities of game for the child are many. Different colors, stacking orders or put one inside the other pots!

For about 10 REM This is a great product. I got it at BuyinCoins. I leave the link to the toy. Also, look for toys similar to this in the AllChinese tool from TudoVemdachina.

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