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Buoy “HoverBoat” car shaped

After I bought a buoy for my son to go to the pool, I looked for another cooler and found this, that looks like a car.

All plastic and with several wacky designs.

There is a valve for easy filling.

In the center of the ball room for baby's legs. I think it goes well until some 3 years of age.

On the front of the ball there is a steering wheel with Horn. Does not serve to guide, It's just a toy.

Completely full, the ball is just like in the picture below:

There's my son inside the buoy:

The ball is not too large, fits well in this pool of 1000 l bought in American stores.

An important trick is to remove the protective plastic from the bottom of the site where the wheel. So it fits perfectly without leaving. I bought the ball in Banggood store, those who want to take a look you can follow the link below:

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