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Little Peppa!

How about buying all little Peppa in one batch? That's what I did. If you don't know who the Peppa, so you don't miss a thing.


That's all of them! Are eight!


There's a rabbit.


A Fox.


An animal any glasses.


Another bug, who knows what.


An elephant.


A cat.


Is this the rabbit? And the other?


And a zebra!


There are all of them lined up ready for my son to make the party. I couldn't even take photos and he took all!


For the price, was totally worth it. In Brazil it's rare to find cheap, especially these rarer characters. Oh! If you know the names of some of them let down in the comments. I promise not to laugh! I leave the link below. If the first link does not work, try the second!

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  1. kkkkkkk….
    The glasses is Pedro
    White is a pony, rsrsrsr is Peppa's best friend, the name dale is Susy
    rabbit are two even, is Rebecca and her brother Richard
    Emily elephant
    Candy cat
    what you put that is a Fox I think it's a dog Danny
    and the Zebra is Zoe…
    My daughter loves it too, JA till decrei the drawings, I will see these pets to her … I don't know if I wrote their name right, I hope I helped

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