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All In one USB HDD IDE SATA Adapter SD

If you have a hard drive and need to call on your computer it is annoying to have to open, connect, risk doing something stupid. But with this system All In One HDD Docking you will not have annoyance, just connect a USB and go on to have slots for connecting to a SATA HDD, IDE, Cards and other options.


There is the device, two connections for HDD at the top and a red button for One Touch Backup.


Look at the IDE connector and Source. If your HDD doesn't fit very well may approach or take a few the connectors.


See in this photo that besides the traditional IDE connector is also available a connector IDE notebook type. At the top, a connector and SATA data source.


At the bottom we have entrance to a lot of card types and two USBs for pendrives.


On the back we have the miniUSB connector to connect the dock to your PC and an ESATA connector. In addition to an on-off switch.


The parruda font that comes with it:


And a miniUSB cable of good quality.


In addition to an AC cable.


It also comes a operation manual.


And a CD that isn't used for anything.


There's the iPod connected and working on the PC.


I connected my old HDD IDE to check if it worked. It worked!


Appear, in the drivers, a Generic USB Hub and a USB Mass Storage Device.


The transfer rate is not bad, about 30 MB/s.


I recorded a video using the product. Take a look at:

I like the product. Fast and easy to use. The hard drives sometimes don't fit very easily, and it's not as practical for daily use, but it's much better to open and close the computer every time. I leave below link to the product on DealExtreme:

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  1. Hello,

    I have the same product but I can no longer get their hands on the cd driver.

    Is it possible to make me a link to download it ??

    thank you

  2. You say: “If your HDD does not fit well can zoom in or out a bit connectors.”

    Could you explain how to go away from the connector (perhaps force).

    Thank you

    • Face it took me a while to figure out but here in my adapter there is a pin underneath, and the base that is in contact with the table (as if u were looking down from a plate) then u can adjust the distance between the power connectors of the HD pins.

  3. You were the only guy on the net to put the software link, he also bought, but it did not come the software CD, thanks a lot.

  4. Hello
    I bought an all in one HDD docking it three years ago, but I lost both small Cdt PCClone ex lite
    I now have my laptop just to let go but I would recover my data but I can not without this disc
    Could anyone help me

  5. Hello
    I bought a few years ago it all in 1 HDD Docking and there was a mini disk to install the ex lite PCClone but I unfortunately lost. Rotten you explain me how can I get my PC because celo gicliez just let go and I do not know how to recover my data without this small disc
    thank you for your collaboration

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