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Converter adaptor for 220V 127V 50W

Have you ever bought something that worked only at 220V? Here in Rio de Janeiro the voltage is 127V, so it is possible to get 220V only with a change in wiring. But with this small adapter It may be possible to plug straight into the socket! Below we have the Chinese converter 127 for 220V.


On the other hand looks like a conventional source. The connector is American, so maybe you need an adapter if the plug is new Brazilian model.


On the front we have the output at 220V. The maximum is 50W.


Tested on my mosquito killer and it worked. Worked perfectly in all called.


Of course it won't work properly in an air conditioner, but in a small low power device, should work. I leave below the link to the converter 127V->220V and to the 220V->127V:

127V-> 220V –

220V-> 127V –

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