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Accessories for guitar

Who plays guitar knows how easy it is to lose the reeds, Note that in the picture there are only 23 reeds. This package with 24 assorted picks left for only $ 4,30. While a plectrum in Brazil is usually sold for 2 real.

The reeds, are light come in assorted sizes and colors (0.46mm, 0.71mm and 0.81 mm). Despite being very thin, It was not a problem because they are firm and have a very good quality. The only problem was coming many with a same design and few variations.

The nut out for $ 3,70. It is made of metal, has a black finish and tighten the strings of the guitar or guitar.

Testing with both Nylon guitar using standard tuning, and with steel tuned in Eb, the nut held the strings.

With the guitar worked fine, even though the three instruments have the arm with different size and variation in tension of the strings, the nut held well in all of them. Costing less than 8 real, It was a good buy. Works great and takes the hassle many songs.

These 2 items were part of a larger purchase that was made day 29/08 and reached 27/09, totaling 29 days for delivery. The links to the products (reeds and nut) they're down there:

Reeds –

Nut –

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  1. Me pick ends up having to be heavy up, otherwise I lose precision in time to play, It is interesting if I say that my dad bought for a ask a little louder about of 20 reeds in a store there in Poland within a metal box hehe. But nothing takes the fun out of buying something from China lol.

  2. Good, I bought a package of picks in the DX once… But they were of low quality, These seem to be a good.

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