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Extendable tripod for camera

To make the videos of the products of the TudoVemDaChina I need a camera and a tripod as this below. All video camera has this thread in the bottom exactly to fit a bracket like this. Below is the ...

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Small powerful neodymium Magnets

I bought these imams and was clearly wrong picture from the Chinese site, They seemed so much bigger! Not to mention they were round and square came! In spite of this are quite interesting: small neodymium pads with about of 0.5 cm wide and ...

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Mini to micro USB adapter

If you have many Chinese products should also have several mini USB power cords, they were standard for several years. As today the micro USB is used more, I bought some of these cheap adapters to reuse the old cables. Already ...

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Lamp with sensor of presence

My kitchen sink is badly lit because there is a piece of furniture that is close to the lamp. For that I bought these LED lamps. Arrested the Cabinet above the sink with double sided tape. He comes up with the tape, but ...

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Digital scale 40 kg with hook

Nothing better to weigh suitcases than a scale with hook. Very cheap, weighing up to 40 kg. Scales with hook generally has higher capacity but less accuracy, only 0.1 Kg. Has a gain at the bottom and a ...

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Female-female jumper for electronic projects

Each person has his hobby. If you, just like me, She loves to explore the vast world of electronics and its endless possibilities, certainly have a protoboard to assemble and “play” with its circuits, but there are times when you need to connect your circuit to something external ...

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