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Locksmith Star Trek Enterprise NCC-1701D Next Generation

Looking for trinkets in china found this locksmith of the Starship Enterprise, its continuing mission seeking out new life and new civilizations. It's really hard to find something from Star Trek to sell and this was a find!


You see that the packaging says Star Wars, worsening the already common confusion that people make between the two series. Star Trek is the TV series of Spock and Star Wars is the series of films with the Jedi and Yoda. I helped?


Aside from the confusion, the ship is well-made. All metal!


The description on the website claims to be the ship NCC-1710F, but it looks more like the NCC-1710D the new generation with the captain Jean-Luc Picard.


The bottom looked like the ship hit something and made with plastic repair…


Look at the detail, or the lack of details, the “main deflector dish”.


It was quite a find, certainly where no buyer of China has ever been. Despite the defects and finishing, considering that cost less than 3 U.S. dollars, It was a great purchase. I'm thinking about asking more and sell here in Brazil. I leave the link for those who have the same idea. Engage!

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