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Class notebooks

I'm developing an App to help students and teachers to organize photos table during class. It is called Class notebooks.

Basically the application creates virtual notebooks where you can store photos and order date.

You can start the application using the camera or add existing photos directly from the gallery.

Stays like this! Este caderno se chama \ENGLISH\” and has five leaves.

You can cut the image…

And editing using simple touches!

You can also add comments to the photos…

And go to any page from the date…

You have backup feature in Google Drive so you never miss a photo class!

Look back up happening to your account on Google Drive.

You can also restore the backup of the notebook!

Will it work? Do the students and teachers will like? I leave the link below for everyone to download! Leave 5 stars if you like, otherwise, leave here your complaint:

HTTPS:// = pt

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