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Blitzwolf USB charger with 5 doors and 40W

There is no doubt that this gadget will be able to carry your device, be it an Android tablet, an iPad, an iPhone, a toy or something else! This BlitzWolf source, that has 5 USB outputs with current capacity of 2.1 to (2.4The maximum), You can even upload all together!


The box comes with the source, AC cable and a manual.


The font is small, slightly larger than a credit card with 2, 5 cm height.


Has 5 USBs. I think it's great the fact pull 2.1 to each one without problems.


The input is AC.


Here is the manual.


On my countertop, now, She has special place!


I like the product, Although initially became a little suspicious. The manufacturer promises to charge batteries faster, but of course it will not be possible to load faster than the original source device. The voltage regulation is very good: This is the only source that didn't cause problem with no device, even the cell phone touchscreen problems loading, typical of Chinese sources. I put a lot of stuff to load and the source barely heats up. It's worth a lot to shame for those who have a lot of things to load at the same time. I leave the link:

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