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Auto seat Matrix Evolution PepPérego Publix

You can buy in China a lots of stuff for babies, as, for example, protection tabs (Baby Safety), toys, kangaroos and other. However, There is no way to buy a car seat direct from China! You have to be here in Brazil even…

So, If you buy a, Choose a brand model Publix, the best on the market!


Remember that a child seat in the car is not just safety, It is also obligatory according to the traffic code!


This is one of the most simple and inexpensive, the most expensive can easily over the two thousand! The Matrix Evolution gets around some R $ 500.


It's quite comfortable, easy to put in the car and made in a fabric that does not heat very. Great for the summer in Rio de Janeiro.


The only setting that exists for the belt is this shown in the picture below.


The Chair can be placed backwards or facing the backseat. You'd better put in front of children under two years old. I decided to put it back even! The gray lever shown below is to recline the child seat. Gets the 45 degrees, tops.


Is there a backrest that can be raised!


For older children you must remove this child seat filler.


Comes with instruction manual and certificate with one year warranty.


If you choose to place the child seat facing the rear seat, This railing is left as support, and is against the Bank.


You can remove the support:


What holds the baby's position this clamp. Is firm and doesn't hurt the child.


There is a holder for bottles. In my case does not work, because my son takes and taca away.


See what child seat with padding to minor children and the belt.


On the back there are instructions on how to attach the car seat. I'd rather pass the abdominal belt behind, using the instruction that is on the far right of the photo. The Red hook in the middle of the photo is the place where the car seat belt to hold the Chair.


Great product! Cheap and good quality. In the beginning was a bit wrapped to hold the baby, but now it's pretty easy. I leave the link to the Google Shopping.

Although it is not possible to buy the car seat for babies direct from China, There is a lot of great products for babies in DealExtreme. Check out the link below!

Google Shopping – HTTPS:// = Chair for Auto Matrix Evolution Burigotto PepP % C3% A9rego&q = Chair for Auto Matrix Evolution Publix

Baby products in China – = 1018

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